Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thank you video

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Chicagoans have always looked upon a tough fight not for the blood or bruises on fighters but to embrace the possibility of a noble outcome. Tonight, we have fought the noble fight!

Today, we, the residents, took back the 50th ward and have forced our alderman to pay attention to our voices.

Tomorrow, we will continue to talk about our achievements because there wasn't a moment of regret in any of this. We went through this together and we came out better because of it. And when we go back to the different parts of our lives again, I hope you remember the house we built on possibility. Because tonight is about what we've gained. We have come to a place that embraces hope.

This is just the beginning. I look forward to working with you to build an organization to fight for what this ward needs and deserves.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Even though Naisy just delivered her concession speech the party is in full swing!

Polls are closed!

Polls are now closed. Stay tuned for updates and don't forget to join us at the victory party at the Piccolo Caffe, 2610 W. Peterson Ave.


The polls close in a little over an hour. If you have not voted yet, VOTE FOR NAISY! If you are voted call 5 friends and family to VOTE FOR NAISY! You can change the 50th ward for the better. HELP NAISY GET OUT THE VOTE IN THIS LAST HOUR!

Dolar campaign glossary entry #2

Smile noun - A lethal weapon used by the Dolar campaign to disarm Stone's hooligans upon approach; for instance: When a Naisy Dolar volunteer came across big Al, she smiled and Al ran away.

Pro-Stone election judges at it again!

Pro-Stone election judges in Precinct 31 just threatened to throw out the ballots of residents who have been assisted by their Filipino caregivers. Our lawyers arrived on site and with the help of a State's Attorney, were able to stop them from targeting Filipino voters. Stone supporters tried to shut down the democratic process, but we fought back and we WON.

Dolar campaign glossary entry #1

underground friendly (u.f.) noun - A supporter of Naisy Dolar who, in fear of retaliation from Berny Stone and his hooligans, works behind the scenes to support Naisy's campaign. Many u.f.'s display Stone signs in their storefronts or in the yards but provide intelligence to the Dolar campaign and also have been known to drop off food, yummy food. The u.f.'s have provided valuable assistance.

Pro-Stone Election Judges Running Amuck

If you're voting, please make sure the election judge looks for your name in a book with the master list of registered voters in your precinct.

Our campaign learned that in the 10th precinct, an election judge attempted to verify a voter with a pollsheet instead of the book of registered voters. The voter was turned away by the judge who said she was not on the list.

We also received a call that an election judge at the 25th precinct polling location, Pirchei Center (3540 W. Peterson), harassed a Dolar pollwatcher for simply checking names, which is legal.

Obviously, there are some election judges who are worried that Berny is going to lose his job.

(Pictured: Naisy interviews with CBS2 regarding incident in 25th precinct)

Naisy and Sunshine crew

Naisy visits BB's Bagels for breakfast

Naisy meets with SEIU volunteers

This morning at 10:15 AM Naisy went to our satellite location to address volunteers from the SEIU who are in the 50th ward today to help out.

Lots of media interest in 50th ward

The interest in the 50th ward is strong. While shaking hands with voters at Warren Park, Naisy was visited by TV crews from ABC7, CBS2 and NBC5, as well as a photographer from the Chicago Tribune.

If you can't beat them, buy them!

Reports are coming in that the Stone people are in the field offering to pay Dolar volunteers to canvass for Stone.

MORE TRICKS: The old misdirection.

We are getting reports that a flyer being circulated is causing confusion in the ward. The flyer is sending people to the wrong polling place. In particular, many voters are being sent to Warren Park even though it's not their polling place. We are looking for the flyer and will post it if we can get our hands on it.

Brendan Reilly is in the house!

Brendan Reilly, alderman-elect for the 42nd ward, just dropped in and is headed to Warren Park to shake hands with Naisy.

More friends helping out!
Greg Brewer is lending a hand today as a pollwatcher for Naisy. Thanks Greg!

Update: Naisy and Brendan posed for a pic for us.

BREAKING: Early fraud allegations

This morning 2 voters came into the office and alleged that as they were casting ballots at the Congregation Ezras Israel, they saw a man handing out Stone literature to 4 younger voters inside the polling place. The allegation: after the younger voters checked in with the election judges, but before they voted, they were directed to another man wearing a tie who handed out Stone literature. It is unclear whether this man was an election judge or a pollwatcher. Lawyers are on the way.

The location is:
Congregation Ezras Israel (Basement social room)
7001 N. California

Another voter alleged that a Stone pollwatcher is intimidating voters, touching voting machines and coordinating literature passing with Stone volunteers outside the Mesopotamia Club, 3109 W. Devon Ave. Again, the Chicago Board of Elections has been contacted and the legal team has been dispactched.

They got tricks!

This morning as a member of our crew was out door hanging in the northern part of the ward, he stumbled across a new trick by Stone's henchmen: instead of stealing signs off of private property, they now put Stone signs in front of Dolar signs.

This time the revolution will be televised!

Beginning at 4:30 AM, staff, volunteers and a crack team of lawyers began streaming into Naisy Dolar campaign headquarters eager to bring change to the 50th ward. Hopped up on Red Bull, coffee and pure adrenaline, the crew is eager and motivated!

It is election day!

Shot on Febraury 27, 2007, never before seen behind the scenes footage of Naisy Dolar and her campaign staff when they learned she was in a run-off against Berny Stone. This was shown to Naisy Dolar precinct captains on the eve of her April 17, 2007 run-off.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

BREAKING: Berny Stone to be on WLS-AM tonight

The Dolar the campaign has just learned that Berny Stone will appear on the Tom Roeser show tonight at 8:00 PM on WLS-AM (890 AM). An invitation has yet to be extended to Naisy to appear.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Be on the lookout for either a white Cadillac Escalade, a white panel van or a burgundy van. Many residents have reported that Berny's henchman have been spotted stealing signs in these vehicles. Be sure to report any suspicious activity. Also keep your cameras handy in case you catch Berny's gang in the act, we would love to post the pictures!

Remember signs don't vote!

Volunteers and other supporters replace stolen signs

Led by Bailey, the president of Doberman's for Dolar, volunteers and other supporters streamed into the office to replace signs stolen by the Stone campaign. As Stone's henchmen continue to waste their time stealing signs and intimidating voters, Naisy and her supporters continue to spread sunshine throughout the ward by knocking on doors and phone banking to remind their neighbors about election day.

Naisy Dolar and Jan Schakowsky hold coffee

On Friday, April 13th Naisy Dolar and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky met with 50th ward residents at a coffee hosted by Larry and Marge Sondler. The event was attended by 30 ward residents. During the coffee Naisy presented Jan with a campaign t-shirt.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Naisy's speech. Delivered before results were in.


Naisy just did at champagne toast with staff.

Run-off in the 50th

The Dolar campaign can confirm that there will be a run-off between Naisy Dolar and Berny Stone.

It's Going to be Close!

As of 9:50PM, we are still waiting for the results from 15 of 45 precincts.

This has been a good day filled with a LOT of successes!! Every door we knocked on and every call we made is currently being counted.

Sit tight because it's going to be close!!

And the Polls Close!

In the final hour before the polls closed, Naisy greeted residents at Warren Park along with several volunteers who joined her in spreading the word that Naisy is the right choice for alderman!

While greeting last minute voters and encouraging them to vote #52, Naisy also spent time introducing residents to each other and already began to build support within the community.

Stay tuned for photos and more updates!!

And the Polls Close!

In the final hour before the polls closed, Naisy greeted residents at Warren Park along with several volunteers who joined her in spreading the word that Naisy is the right choice for the alderman.

While greeting last minute voters and encouraging them to vote #52, Naisy also spent time introducing residents to each other and already began to build support within the community.

Stay tuned for photos and more updates!!

6:00 PM Update

Dolar closes the day as she began it, shaking hands and greeting the supporters who will bring the 50th ward to a brighter, better and more improved ward!

If she works this hard during the campaign, think about how hard she will work as alderman!!

Notes from the Sunshine Crew

The "Sunshine Crew" drove around the ward and surprised our team of dedicated volunteers and pollwatchers with snacks and heat warmers! It's getting cold outside but our great team is continuing to work hard in the neighborhood, contacting last minute undecided voters.

Volunteers from other campaigns and election judges noted how great our operations are!

People all over are impressed with our operations. We now have enough volunteers to flood every precinct with door-to-door canvassers and pollwatchers.

1.5 hours until the polls close -- if you haven't voted, hurry and cast your vote for Naisy Dolar, #52!

Stone greeted by Dolar supporters at polling place

3:00 PM Update

Naisy spent the early afternoon eating lunch with volunteers, taking phone calls, doing interviews and going door-to-door in the neighborhoods. Naisy was interviewed by the Kindling Group which is working on a documentary and by the Medill News Service's Michael Shapiro.

Notes from the "Sunshine Crew"

At 8:00AM, the "Sunshine Crew" went around the ward to spread the energy of our campaign and to offer coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to volunteers. At each place we stopped, we were greeted by our dedicated volunteers in their yellow hats who were very excited to see our van, decorated with Naisy Dolar banners and blue and yellow balloons!

At 11:30AM, the "Sunshine Crew" met Naisy at Rogers School. Naisy was talking to various parents while the Sunshine Crew cheered for her and distributed coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to the children and their parents. Every parent was very excited to talk to Naisy and to hear about her run for alderman.

At noon, the "Sunshine Crew' cruised the ward and brought lunches to our committed poll watchers, who have been at the polls since 6AM!

We reinvigorated our volunteers and we even helped warm up the volunteers of other campaigns!

"Hot chocolate, hot coffee, a donut or two; vote for Naisy and mark #52!"

Naisy's 1st video update

Naisy has breakfast at What's Cooking?

Naisy Dolar and her husband, Ben Cherek, shared breakfast at What's Cooking, just missing Berny Stone who had breakfast there earlier.

The restaurant is a Berny Stone hangout and located near his office, although several waitstaff stopped by to wish Naisy the best among whispers, "We hope you win!"

Meanwhile, back at Naisy's campaign headquarters, phone bankers are getting out the vote in a linguistic symphony of Tagalog, Vietnamese, English and Spanish.

And a second "Sunshine Crew" has also been dispatched with replenishments - yellow hats may yet chart the fashion scene in the 50th.

10:00 AM Update

Strange choice for a polling place: The 33rd precinct polling place, the Croation Cultural Center located at 2845 W. Devon, donated $1,200 to Berny Stone on Febraury 5, 2007. According to A-1 filed with the state board of elections. Click here.

SIGHT SEEN: Greg Brewer seen eating donuts provided by Naisy's "Sunshine Crew" at Warren Park.

9:00 AM Update

"Sunshine crew" delivered coffee and donuts to Dolar passers at Warren Park. Naisy has moved on to school visits. Earlier today, Stone campaign manager Alan Crown taunts Dolar volunteer by yelling "get ready to lose."

Asking for a measurement

Reports have come in that the cones in the 6th precinct, Glencrest Nursing Center, 2451 W. Touhy, are further than 100 feet away. Dolar pollwatchers have asked for a measurement but election judges claim they do not have measuring tape. Dolar lawyers have been dispatched to talk to election judges on scene and a call has been placed to the Chicago Board of Elections.

8:00 AM Update

Naisy has been joined by Salman Aftab and Greg Brewer at Warren Park. Reports are that Berny Stone is at Winston Towers. Naisy's "Sunshine Crew" is heading into the field in a yellow cab.

Berny's people are driving around in a white Escalade removing signs and intimidating people. Dolar, Aftab and Brewer folks replish signs.

Berny gets into shouting match with Dolar pollwatcher at Winston Towers. Berny shouts to pollwatcher "you have no honor."

7:00 AM Update

Naisy is greeting voters at Warren Park on Western. As of 6:54 AM, 94 volunteers have checked in and headed out to pass literature and poll watch.

It's election day!

Volunteers arrived at Naisy Dolar campaign headquarters at 5:00 AM to prepare for polls to open at 6:00 AM. At 2:00 AM in morning a sign crew hit the streets to plant signs throughout the 50th ward.

Beginning at 6:00 AM Naisy will begin greeting voters.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Stone signs at polling place as of 8:00 PM on 2/26

These pictures were taken at 8:00 PM on 2/26 at the polling place at 3109 W. Devon, the Board of Elections has been alerted. It is the hope of the Dolar campaign that these signs will be down before the polls open.


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