Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Notes from the "Sunshine Crew"

At 8:00AM, the "Sunshine Crew" went around the ward to spread the energy of our campaign and to offer coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to volunteers. At each place we stopped, we were greeted by our dedicated volunteers in their yellow hats who were very excited to see our van, decorated with Naisy Dolar banners and blue and yellow balloons!

At 11:30AM, the "Sunshine Crew" met Naisy at Rogers School. Naisy was talking to various parents while the Sunshine Crew cheered for her and distributed coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to the children and their parents. Every parent was very excited to talk to Naisy and to hear about her run for alderman.

At noon, the "Sunshine Crew' cruised the ward and brought lunches to our committed poll watchers, who have been at the polls since 6AM!

We reinvigorated our volunteers and we even helped warm up the volunteers of other campaigns!

"Hot chocolate, hot coffee, a donut or two; vote for Naisy and mark #52!"