Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BREAKING: Early fraud allegations

This morning 2 voters came into the office and alleged that as they were casting ballots at the Congregation Ezras Israel, they saw a man handing out Stone literature to 4 younger voters inside the polling place. The allegation: after the younger voters checked in with the election judges, but before they voted, they were directed to another man wearing a tie who handed out Stone literature. It is unclear whether this man was an election judge or a pollwatcher. Lawyers are on the way.

The location is:
Congregation Ezras Israel (Basement social room)
7001 N. California

Another voter alleged that a Stone pollwatcher is intimidating voters, touching voting machines and coordinating literature passing with Stone volunteers outside the Mesopotamia Club, 3109 W. Devon Ave. Again, the Chicago Board of Elections has been contacted and the legal team has been dispactched.